We can help you to facilitate a calmer and more secure gated community. With Whistle alarm app you can ask immediate help at home when needed. Alert guards in case of emergencies or suspicious events.


The #1 alarm app for gated communities.

Alarm for emergencies and suspicious events

- Residents and administration can use the alarm anytime and anywhere. - Warn the guards if you experience something unusual in your neighborhood. - Add security, admins, and residents with no limitation. - Approve join requests to the community. The more resident uses the app, the more sufficiently you can improve safety.

Alert all security contact to get immediate help

- Once alarm is triggered, all security contact and administrators will be instantly alerted. They receive a notification on their phone. - Optional physical Whistle Horn notifies the whole community. - In case of sickness or fire, we recommend to call the ambulance or the fire service.

Chat and share location real-time.

- Make better decisions and act based on received information from the requester. - Learn what happened exactly and where to be able to organize your team. - Facilitate quick help to the ones in need.

Keep log of active an past alarms

- Track all events to be able to create reports. - See the details of each alert. - Build a strategy for enhanced security in the community based on historical data.

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